Welcome to the New Paradigm!

We are living through an unprecedented timeline. The changes that will be made more evident and mainstream in the coming months and several years will be looked back as the most incredible quantum leap in conscious evolution humans have ever experienced.           We Are At Choice Point!

We have and still are enduring a very arduous journey of INITIATION back to our Hearts of Light & Love. The challenges have included severe lack of financial resources for many, infiltration of lower vibrational energies and advanced technologies that have disrupted the homeostasis of both the planet and our physical bodies…

Help, Support and ways to Heal & Transcend all of this is HERE! I’ve been preparing for this time for 25 years to be a bridge, a Way-Shower, a Transitional Leader. I have been through many Initiations in order to be a conduit to activate codes lying dormant in your DNA, as well as clear, detailed clairvoyant information & insights…and an award-winning producer & business owner–meaning I’m grounded as well!

What an amazing, exciting, challenging, crazy, awesome time to be ALIVE!!!

I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you ~ May you find things here that Ignite you, Empower you, Excite you and even Grow you!!

About Deborah Ariel Pietsch

Transformational Media Producer
Clairvoyant, Channel, Activator
Global Leader of the New Paradigm
Host of TV & Radio Shows
Paradigm Shifter

I Am Committed to the creation, anchoring and shifts with the Resurrection of the Divine Feminine to then balance with the Divine Masculine, People Awakening to Their Truth & Light, Activation of "I AM" Presence, Liberation of all Oppressed aspects of Life; including Mother Earth

Utilizing all media sources, live events, webinars and intentional unified fields to successfully accomplish this:

Humbly & Gratefully ~ I have a way for you to fully transform your life so YOU BECOME YOUR OWN GURU!!
I support you with energy clearings, activations and coaching to assist you in all aspects of your awakening & ascension journey.

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